Voodoo LuLo Bags

Warlock Jahakka Voodoo God, has brought you his most powerful Creation The Voodoo LuLo Bags.

These Voodoo LuLo Bags are so darn powerful that it is unbelieveable. The Bag that you choose will bring you what you want when you need it to happen. 

Each Voodoo LuLo Bag has voodoo offering items in them to bring you what you want.
Directions will come with the Voodoo LuLo Bag of your choice.


$110.00 +, Select As Many Wishes Voodoo LuLo Bag:
 This is a very Special Voodoo LuLo Bag To help you out with whatever you may need. Select as many wishes as you need with this Voodoo LuLo Bag. You really cant go wrong with this Voodoo LuLo Bag. Special directions will come with this Voodoo LuLo Bag.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Wishes Only


$105.00, Love Voodoo LuLo Bag:
Anything do do with good love this will work for you. This will banish all cheating and get rid of middle people who cause distrsctions in you and your lovers life.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Love


$105.00, Passion Voodoo LuLo Bag
Would you like to have passion in your love life? Will banish cheating and gets rid of the middle people who causes distractions. You will be the center of their attention.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Passion


$105.00, Marriage Voodoo LuLo Bag:
Want to marry your lover. Make them ask you to marry them. Be sure this is what you really want from them. Wards of cheating as well as the wandering eye. You will be theirs forever until you wish different.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Marriage


$105.00, True SoulMate Voodoo LuLo Bag:
Find your true SoulMate that you can talk to and be yourself when they are around you. Find the Love that makes you weak in the knees and makes your heart really have love that it has never felt before. This will ward off all cheating and the wandering eye.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: True Soul Mate


$105.00, Money Tank Voodoo LuLo Bag:
 Fill up your pockets with money. Come on money make me rich! Have unbelieveable luck with money coming in all the time. We cant explaine how it works, magic is a miracle. This will make money come in little by little, if you dont want certain people to know about your it.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Money Tank


$105.00, Lottery Quick Pick Ticket Voodoo LuLo Bag:
Lottery time for you. The ticket will come to you when you least expect it. Hurry someone else may get your Quick Pick?


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Lottery Quick Pick


$105.00, Gambling Luck Voodoo LuLo Bag:
Need luck to come your way? Have so much luck that it wont be funny to people. This is for All types of Gambling.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Gambling Luck


$105.00, Career Voodoo LuLo Bag:
 Do you want to move into someone elses position?  
Have the Career that you are interested in. Move up with out the hassel of trying to talk your way into it.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Career


$105.00, Job Interview Voodoo LuLo Bag: 
Want  to get a "YES" when you go in for a job interview? This place a "YES" in their mind when they read your application. This will put you first place above all the rest.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Job Interview


$105.00, All Porpouse Court Case (Non-Fedral) Voodoo LuLo Bag:
This will work for any type of Court Case that you or someone that you know may have. Get charges droped and restore your integrity. This will get rid of eveidence and witnesses and papers that could cause you to go under.   If it is a Fedral charge go to the one below.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: All Porpouse Court Case (Non-Fedral)


$105.00, Mess up Fedral Court Case Voodoo LuLo Bag:
This Voodoo LuLo Bag will get things droped for you even if you are guilty. Papers will be lost, evedence will go away. Witnessess will forget. Restore your integrity. Fedral charges only.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Mess up Fedral Court Case


$105.00, All Porpouse Test Passer Voodoo LuLo Bag:
Use this for any kind of testing that is come to you. Pass test with flying colors and beat the heat with hard questions. This is for any kind of testing.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: All Porpouse Test Passer


$105.00, Get Ultimate Revenge Voodoo LuLo Bag:
Get Ultimateon someone who has caused you pain in the past. Reverse it and send them a Hex that will bring them to their knees.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Get Ultimate Revenge


$105.00, Loose Weight Voodoo LuLo Bag:
   Loose weight with this Voodoo LuLo Bag. From very heavy to just need to loose a few pounds to fit in that outfit. Go for it, what do you have to loose except weight.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Loose Weight


$105.00, Help Someone Voodoo LuLo Bag:
Does someone need help with something? You dont have to tell them about it. This will be for their own good, even if they dont think so.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Help Someone


$105.00, Happy Home Voodoo LuLo Bag:
Have a happy home without argguing. Verbal abuse to Mental abuse to Phisical abuse any kind of abuse that may be going on in your life put a stop to it with this bag.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Happy Home


$105.00, Mystic Dreamer Voodoo LuLo Bag:
Make your dreams come to reality with this bag. Your most wildest or craziest dream can really happen the way you want it to without  anyone knowing of what you are thinking.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Mystic Dreamer


$105.00, Evil Home Banisher Voodoo LuLo Bag:
  Get protection from evil that may be lurking around your home. Do You think bad things can happen? Use this bag to ward anything bad from happening to you. This keeps all evil away from your home and everyone and thing in it.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Evil Home Banisher


$105.00, Hex Remover Forever Voodoo LuLo Bag
: This will rid yourself of the Hex buildup through the years. Start having major luck come your way. This is a very good thing to have with you. This will also protect you of people trying to put a hex on you. Their hex wont work for you, it will reverse and be placed upon them.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Hex Remover Forever


$105.00, Guardian Angel Voodoo LuLo Bag:
Bring in your Guardian Angels in to be with you and help you out all the time. When you need to talk to someone and dont want to talk to an earthing, Talk to your Guardian Angel.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Guardian Angel


$105.00, Travel Protection Voodoo LuLo Bag:
 Carry this Bag in your car to protect you all the time. Be safe where ever you go. Carry it on a  airplane to protect you in every way.


Voodoo LuLo Bag: Travel Protection