Wishing Well Package

The Wishing Well Ritual

Sending in wishes without paying WILL NOT work.  PayPal will notify me with a guide showing me a receipt of your payment, this means if you have paid or not.

Payment must be paid before I can do your request. I will get a notification from themagicvine saying that you have paied for the ritual.

I am Zefmi the WitchDoctor, I will give you the option to get wishes from the Magical Wishing Well.

Have anything you want going for you within two (2) to, five (5) hours.

Take advantage of the Wishing Well Ritual. There is a deep well near Lake Tanganyika between Tanzania & Dem. Rep. Of The Congo in Africa. My family generation has kept this secret for over hundreds of years. This is on my own private land and no one can enter but me and my family.  

What I do: You will need to send me a e-mail to this address themagicvine@yahoo.com . Please send us your name and address and your 50 Wishes.

Make up to 50 for you and or someone else. 

PLEASE NOTE:Please send your wishes to me at this address below.     

If you have any questions please go to themagicvine@yahoo.com  

Please click and highlight the price to the left side and choose the correct price that fits your destination. You will find when you check out a fee of $1.99 added to your order, this is only handling the merchandise.


Magical Wishing Flower Seed Necklace

 The Wish Flower Seed Necklace:  Simple wishes just have gotten much more easy. The wise Sorcerers keep coming up with ideas to bring magic to you. This will grant wishes and bring you simple things in life that really don't need hard core conjuring. Directions will come with the Wish Necklace. Purchase one today before the sorcerers decide to stop placing magical powers on them.