Sisco's Magic Dust Bags & Medallion

I am Sisco a powerful Wizard Sorcerer. I make these bags so powerful that they bring you what you need in a hurry. Magical Dust Bags, they make a difference in your life. Directions will come with each of the Magical Dust Bags.


$640.00,The Ultimate Medallion: This is the Ultimate Medallion Protector and Provider. This is a large wall hanging or set it on a table. A wonderfully beautiful piece of Magical work. It is almost like Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. The center has a Medallion that is surrounded by Iron like fixtures. It will hold your dust bag. As long as you have this Medallion, you will never have to purchase another Dust Bag again and you wont have to explain what you need done. The Medallion will work it's Magic into your desires. This comes with one (1) Dust Bag. Directions come with it.  




$50.00, Magical Dust Bags - These dust bags are made to form around your name, birth date and your wants. Please send me a description of what you want done and I will see that the dust bag(s) are made for that porpose. You may ask for anything your heart desires. I will form the magic, your needs, wants, desires and call for's into these wonderful Dust Bags.

All you need is this dust bag to make all of your dreams come true.