Mother Zakira's

Louisiana Root Work

$65.00, Mother Zakira's Root Work.

I am Mother Zakira. I am here to help you with whatever problems you may have. You can send an E-mail to themagicvine@yahoo.com , and I will see that everything is taken care of for you.

 I use, Faith Always, Roots, Magic, Spells, Conjuring Oils, Sea Salt and or other items in my work, this depends on what you want done. I have hundreds of items that can be used to make anything happen.

The way this works; I don't have a specific title for my works, I will need your full name(s) and
 birth date(s). 

I will need their first, middle & last names of you and the other person, if there is one. 

Now, tell Mother Zakira what you want done.  Send an E-mail or Letter by mail. Learn more at the web page "Check Out."





Mother Zakiras Trio Pictures

Mother Zakira is here for you.

$1600.00, The Ultimate Magical Picture Trio - You will get three (3) Magical Pictures that have amazing power in them. The women are set in Frames behind glass. They have true hand carved women in them. Each one has Four (4) Jewels placed inside of the Pictures. The First is Red Woman of Eternal Love, she will bring you Love, Faithful Relationship, Honor, Extreme Passion and pleasing to the eye.  The Second is Green Woman of Life, She will bring you Money, A Long Life, Healthy Sex Life, Courage, Career and Luck. The third is Blue Woman of Health, She will bring you Health, A Long Life, Power, Happiness, Peace and Security.   
Only a few Of these pictures are left, very few!