I will do my best to get all of your letters on this page. Please remember to keep them short. 

Some people have wrote to us telling their story after they have performed our rituals. All stories are read before being viewed by the public. If you would like to have your letter read by people who visit this web site, then write or type the words ("post on site"). You may send a letter by E-mail or postal "Snail Mail". All letters become the property of TheMagicVine. Letters may be edited for your protection. Try to keep your letters short and sweet. Thank you.

E-Mail is:   t7t4t@yahoo.com

Jayne from Pine Mills, Texas  = Talking a bought breaking a spell. My daughter (16) had this boyfriend that was no good. He would always use her to get money. He would go for days without calling her after he got the money. She would always cry over him. I told her what he was doing, but she would not listen. He was into black magic and I think he had her under a spell. I did a little research and found your rituals. All your rituals sound great but I wanted to bite back at this boy. Silva voodoo doll saved my sweet daughter from that demon. Four days after I cast the Silva Spell, he came knocking at our door, she told him that she would have him arrested if he came near her again. She slammed the door in his face. Thank Voodoo for Silva.

Clifford from Kettering, Maryland  =  I just wanted to update you on the Wish Ritual That I bought from you. All three wishes came true. Please thank Wish Master Sebastian McSweet for me. I plan on sending a donation to you within the next week. Thank you, again. Clifford W********

Paul from Allendale, New Jersey  =  Yes, thank you for creating Sand. Thanks to that, my wife calls me handsome. She said I have changed in some way. I did'nt even mention that I cast a ritual on myself. I burn my candle that I bought from you also. Thank you, Paul.  

Cindy from Strawberry Point, Iowa  =  I cast an evil spell on someone I worked with because she always tried to get me fired. Your Lyda Voodoo Doll did some major damage to her. I looked at her a few days later and said "Abracadabra"   She thinks I am some kind of witch. She is afraid of me now and she wont even look at me. I showed her! Thanks.

Shelia from Huntsville, Alabama  =  I did'nt think the wishes I bought would come true. I thought it was a hoax. All my wishes came true. Sorry, I doughted you work. Please forgive me. I will be sending for some more wishes soon. Love Shelia F**********. 

Lawrence from Winter, Wisconsin  =  I bought the Ravin "Gay" Voodoo Doll and I got what I wanted. He just came to me and said how about a kiss. It was truly a shock. We are going to live together when we find a place. Thank you so very much, I owe it all to the voodoo magic ritual and you for selling them. Lawrence K*******  

Euphemia from Scipio, Oklahoma  =  I lost 196lbs with the Teagan Voodoo Ritual. I feel wonderful. Thank you.

Quincy from Perth, Ontario  =   Hello just wanted to drop a few lines and say that I saw wonderful results with the Jimae Sex Voodoo Doll. Works Like a charm.

Peggy from Story Wyoming  =  I wanted to go to Las Vegas with some friends. Among that I wanted to win some money. I bought your Black Magic Winning Streak Kit, took it with me and done the ritual right there in the Hotel room. That night I won 2 million dollars. How do you make those dolls work? I'm still in shock.

Elliott from Rushford, Minnesota  =  My sweet little dog was missing for 2 months. I placed flyers up and posted a reward. I heard nothing. I was lost without him. I started looking to magic to get him back to me. I bought the White Magic Family Potion to help me. After all he is my family. I don't know how, or where he came from but I have him back. I think you deserve the reward. I am sending some money to you. Friends to the end. Elliott K*****

Jaspreet from Waikiki, Hawaii = Thank you for getting my order here so fast. White Magic Love Potion Spell Kit worked. I achieved a love affaire the magical way. The love is unbeliveable. Great Ritual. I will tell all my friends about your site.

Minnie from DeQueen, Arkansas  =  I am the one who bought 6 wishes let me tell you somthing, every one of those wishes came true. How in the world can you make this happen? I will be sending for some more? Keep me in mind. My E-mail *****************@*******.com Minnie Y*****  Home#(***)***-**** 

Louie from Gainesville, Florida  =  Hey, how you doing? just wanted to let you know the Voodoo Doll, Erropa Ritual turned out to be increadable. I want go into detail how well it worked. Who knew unless someone tried it. I am Glad I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Louie A******* 

Ollie from Baton Rouge, Louisiana  =  I recently bought the knowledge Sand. I could'nt thank you enough. I know what I need to do now.   Peace V

Ingrid from Damascus, Alabama  = My eye sight was not in good health. My granddaughter turned me to magic rituals and she give me you site address. I have never belived in it much, but wanted to my eyes to get better. I wanted to be able to see things without aggervation. I bought the Egyption Sand ritual from you. I did like the directions told me and now my eye sight is better than ever. I went to the eye doctor and he could not belive it. I will be sending a donation to you in 3 weeks. Eye sight is worth more than anything. I am very pleased with your rituals. I am happy!!! Ingrid H********  

Yomi from St. Cloud, Minnesota  =  I thank you for making these rituals. Without them my life would be impossible to deal with. I bought the Hilma "Health" Voodoo Doll and my illness is gone. I went back to the doctor and she could not beleive it. Thank you, Yomi D'k*********

Vivian from Greenville, South Carolina  =  Amazing results within one week. I just wanted to say thank you for making my one and only dream come true. I found my mother who was living in Alabama. I would like you to thank Wish Master Sebastian McSweet for me. I don't really know what to say? A million thanks.

DeMetro from Albuquerque, New Mexico  =  I want tell you what I did, but I bought the Kisha Voodoo Doll and now everything turned out okay for me.

Curtt from Tignish, Prince Edward Island  =  Lyda Voodoo Doll was wicked. I have bought several dolls from you before. This one was wild. The guy I cast a spell on really got what he deserved!! I will be sending a donation of $5.00 at this time. Thank you for all you kindness and your prompt deliveries.Curtt L****** 

Joshua from Ponce deLeon, Florida  =  I don't want to take up much of your time, so I'll make it quick. Wish Master Sebastian McSweet's Wish ritual is awesome. I love what he can do. I wished for a blue car and I got it. I wished for money and won $8566.00 by playing the poker machine down at the store. My third wish for me and my wife not to fight again. Well, we are doing great. I will be sending for some more wishes this week. Keep your eye on the mail for me.  Joshua A****

Bonnie from Fork Mountain, Tennessee  =  Hay, I am pleased with the Ozara Voodoo Doll that I purchased from you. I have played the lottery for many years and never won anything, until I bought Ozara, I won!!!!!

H.R.M. from  Withrow, Washington  =  The Ebony Voodoo Doll was worth every penny. I have control of *********** ****** ******* *********** ********* ******************************** ******************** ************ **********. I will be sending an order for the Jimae Voodoo Doll. In addition to my order, I am enclosing $75.00 Love Offering. Thank You, H.R.M.

Tim from St. George, Utah  =  Finally rituals that work. I have tried everything under the internet and nothing would work. People this site is the very best I have ever delt with. Anyhoo, I had an enemie so naturally I chose Xanna Voodoo Doll. WOW!! YES!! I got him good. He had no idea that I had anything to to with ******************************** ****************** **********. I am happy now. Yesyesyesyessssssssssss!!!!!! LOL

Yolonda from Hattiesburge, Mississippi  =  I only have one thing to say..... Way to go Volli Voodoo Doll. My heart was broken, but now it's fixed.. To my ex-boyfriend.... So long you sack of s***. You sorry s** of a b****. I have better destractions now!!!!! Your going to be lucky if I don't put a hex on your little biteing dog. Look out!! Yolonda N. S****

Kindra from Rome, Ohio  =  I purchased the Sezna Doll. I like the way my own spell turned out. This is very unique. I have tried other Voodoo spells and works of voodoo, none of them turned out like your did. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you, Kindra D*******

 Harry from Eagle, New York  =   The Jimae voodoo doll was perfect. My granny practices VoodooMagic. I have had her do all my spells for me, something came up and I did'nt want her to find out about it. I needed my ****************  ********* *************** ************ *****. We said our goodby's, and that was the end.

Tamicha from Cocolamus, Pennsylvania  =  Hi. Wanted to let you know that Inez Voodoo Doll Ritual I bought Turned out great. I have a brand new friend now. I just got rid of the old ones. Tamicha

Zackk from Indio, California  =  You rock on!! I took one of the Voodoo Dolls named Zola. Well, dudes you know what my girlfriend don't hit me any more. She used to leave big bruises on me. That ritual rocks on. How do you get stuff like that to work? ******************@*****.com  Drop me some lines. Zackk

Gennie from Spargueville, Rhode Island  =  Your rituals are the best. I have tried lots of difficult ones out there. Your directions are simple to understand. I am in control of something thanks to Ebony Voodoo Doll.

Cannon from Peerless, Montana, =  I once was sad, after I bought the White Magic Happiness Potion, I really feel better and more confident. I feel 100% better than EVER! It's just too amazing. All of you are wonderful. I can't thank you enough. Cannon R****** V***.       P.S.     E-mail anytime let me know how you all are doing.  ***********@****.com I have book marked you in my favorites compartment.  Cannon V***   

Melissa from West Plymouth, New Hampshire,  =  Hi there, I wanted to say thank you for being so kind and helpful to me, and thank you for answering all my questions. I have tried to get info from other magic sites and they just fill my head with garbage and they didn't answer any of my questions direct. Well, you answered them all, Thank's. Anyway, I bought the Wish ritual, and my first wish came true almost instantly. Anyway, my wish was for my boyfriend to call me and for him to tell me he was sorry for what he had done. Guess what? 3 hours later he called and said he was sorry. It's too Long of a story to go into. The point is he did exactly like I wanted. I love you guys, and I want to thank you from the  top and bottom of my heart.   Melissa 

Lori form Klickitat, Washington  =  Thank you, for sending my order to me so fast. I bought the Ozara "Gambling" Voodoo Doll, I went on a gambling spree  in Las Vagas, with my friends a few weeks ago. I hit the Giant Jackpot on a slot machine $4 million. I have never had so much attention. I won 2 brand new cars in Vegas as well. You are the best. I will send a donation.

Benson form Wichita, Kansas  =  I placed an order to get the Quora Voodoo Doll. I wanted to let you know how it done. At first I felt worthless and I did feel like I was headed in the wrong direction. Everything I did would go wrong. I bought the doll and ever since, I have been doing things right and I don't feel worthless any longer.  Some how everything has fallen back into place for me. Voodoo was my answer all along.  

Allen from Bud, West Virginia  =  First of all let me thank you for the fast shippment of my stuff. I bought a Kisha Voodoo Doll. I didn't belive it would work but you fooled me. I can see major results. Thanks.

Casey from Unionville, Connecticut  =  Hi. I would like to thank Sebastian McSweet for making my wishes come true. Thank you for being so much help also. I will be sending for some more wishes. I wanted to send you a card. This card says what I feel. A donation is enclosed. Much Happiness, Casey D*****  

Ross from Statesville, North Carolina  =  I got the White Magic Money potion. Me and my friends were going to gamble. It was not a big casino. I preformed the ritual that night before we left. I won $6000. Imagin what Las Vegas would bring. We are going there soon. I am going to tell all my friends so we can all win big. You will be hearing from me again and my friends as well. I will never go anywhere else for rituals, you know why,?  Those other sites never worked for me. I even payed this voodoo man $200 who said he could make anything happen. BIG LOL!! I paied small dollars from your site and got what I really wanted. Hands down, I will shop with you from now on. Enclosed is a donation. Please don't quit selling these rituals, please. If you do please call me right away (***) ***-****.  ***************@*********.com Ross G.   

Emilio from Prentiss, Maine  =   I had an awful spell cast upon me by a satan worshiper. He cast an evil spell on me and I had been in unbeliveable pain. I have had head aches that would'nt go away, Not even taking several pain killers. I had even went to the doctor and he could'nt help. My best friend told me about your www.themagicvine.com . I wanted to get rid of the pain and I was going to try everything. I neede to break this evil spell, so, I took the Silva Voodoo Doll. Immedatley I did the spell, my aches went away. Since Silva Doll I have been completley fine. Anyone who thinks they have a spell upon them they need the Silva Voodoo Doll. I am serious this ritual really does work. Thank you for your work. I have enclosed a donation. Without you things would not be possible. Thanks again.... 

Joe from Lone Rock, Iowa  =  I just wanted to say the Kisha Voodoo Doll worked. I felt like everything I did was evil. I felt like evil was in my life to stay, and I didn't like it. I fixed it before I got out of control. It worked.  Joe

Pilar from Orfordville, New Hampshire   =   I hope this letter finds you well. The magic I sent for really did work!  I have always wanted real affection and romance from my boyfriend Kenny. The Erropa Voodoo Spell and stuff did the trick. Actually, Kenny was not a loving person at all in public. His parents could'nt belive he kissed me in front of them. That was how private he was. My secret, but to all of us who use magic, it is a wonderful thing.  Your site and rituals is #1. You really do beat any other love spells that I have used in the past. A thousand thanks. Pilar 

Z  from Cokesbury, New Jersey  =  I was on a game show at my school and because of the Black Magic Knowledge spell ritual, I knew all the answers that the person was giving out.  Everyone could'nt belive it. I still cant belive it. I won several gifts and money.

Kimberly from Los Angeles, California  =  Amazing, how the Hilma voodoo doll ritual worked. I had **************************** and went back for test and it was gone. I owe it all to the voodoo rituals that you sell.

Matthew from McAdams, Mississippi  =  My girlfriend and I were going to get married. She changed her mind about us getting married. I bought the Sezna Voodoo Doll Spell Ritual Kit. Your own spell kit. There was no harm to get my girl back. I done everything that I was to do. She came back to me stronger than ever. I bought the Black Magic Draw Knowledge kit to see why she broke off our marriage date. I found out she did'nt think I could'nt take care of her like she wanted. Now that is interesting how that works. Ya'll are amazing. Now I want to get rich. What's the best ritual for getting rich? Call me at, home (***)***-**** or my cell phone (***)***-****. Work #(***)***-**** ext.****  Ask for Matthew C*********   Thank you.

Heather from Chippewa Lake, Michigan =  Hi. The Twyla Voodoo Doll worked great and I was very pleased with the results. Thanks, Heather.

Sally from Vale, Oregon  = Hello again. You are the most kind person I have delt with over magic and spells, rituals or whatever. You know what I mean. I bought the revenge Black Magic. I did see results. I ***********  ***** **** **** **** ************* ****** *****.   I wanted to say thank you. I have tried other people on the internet and all has failed. You saved me. Thank you. Sally R********

Henry from Blaindinsville, Illinois  =  Well, I took your advise and went with the White Magic Power Potion spell. I can't believe it. Remember what we talked about? I have it now, full control. I owe it all to you, and the ones that made it possible for people to have this magic. I will send a donation to you. Best wishes to all of you. Henry P******  

Franciene from Northampton, Massachusetts  =  I recently bought the Black Magic Contact a Spirit Ritual. My sister and I were very close and she passed away a few months ago. I felt her near me all the time. I felt like something was not finished with her. I bought this ritual and done like it told me to do. A couple days went by and I had a dream of her showing me what was under her bed. She had hard wood floors and one board came up. This is what I found the next day when I visited her home. I found under her bed and under the floor $9,000.00 dollars. The next night in my dream she told me she loved me and she could rest at peace now. Knowing that I had what she saved. This amazing, I could not have known without your ritual. Thanks 

Lilly form Zulu, Indiana  =  I am glad that I bought Sezna Voodoo Doll. It came true. I still don't understand how, but it happened. Year after year it was always no. I believe in all of you. Lilly R***  ************@********.com 

Sissy from Blooming Valley, Pennsylvania  =  I am sure glad you had Egyptian sand.I have the Sexuality that I need. I got it going now, the sex!!!!! It came along with Truthfulness and Freedom. My boyfriend showed me how much he did love me by being truthful, he asked me to marry him, I said "yes." My boyfriend also lets me go out when I want to. How amazing is that? Well, you would'nt know unless you were in my shoes. Anyway, thank you, bunches. Sissy    

Tanner from Loa, Utah  =  Thank You for the plain package. I wanted to say the Black Magic Draw Wealth Ritual was for me. I have the money that I need coming in. I want say what I do for a living. 

Dale from Cherry Grove, West Virginia  =  All three wishes came true. Please thank wish master Sebastian McSweet for me. I will be sending in a donation to you all. Once again, thanks. 

Anna from La Grange, Georgia   =   I appreciate all of your kindness. I bought the White Magic Luck Ritual and it was perfect. I got a "YES" to a collage I have been wanting to go to. Anna A*******  

Savannah from Rockhouse, Kentucky  =  The Hilma Voodoo Doll Ritual worked wonders. My illness is gone. I have Hilma to thank as well as you all and sorcery.

Jim from Sioux Falls, South Dakota  =  Hi. I am the one who bought the Quora Voodoo Doll. I feel much better now. My wife can see a difference in me. It truly is unbeliveable how it works. I hope that the donation that I sent to you along with my order was enough.  

Torren from Springfield, Missouri  =  The Teagan 'loose wieght' Doll worked like you said it would. I was 276 pounds and I fit into a size 5 now. Gosh, who new that Voodoo would work.

Catherine from Pringle, Texas  =  Hello. I am Catherine or 'Cattie'. I couldn't get pregnet at all. Years and years went by nothing. I went to doctors they didn't see anything wrong. So, I looked to magic. I have paid $100's of dollars for voodoo workers and psychic's to help and there was nothing, no change. I ran across your website and yas I was skeptical. Yet, I wanted a baby. I bought the Halla Voodoo Doll ritual. Within 2 months I was pregnet. I wanted a baby boy. I got just that. My husband and I are the happiest parents of a baby boy. Thank You. Words can't tell you how happy Hal and I are. Greatest Wishes to all of you. 

Sam from Zeeland, Michigan,  =  Flat out. I quit smoking with the Alima Doll.

Toby from Denver, Colorado  =  I purchased the Kali Voodoo Magic Doll to break up my brother and his cheating girlfriend. He couldn't see what was going on and everytime someone would tell him he would always say that we were jealous or we wish we had her. WRONG!, no one wanted her, she was a cheat. Everyone knew what she was doing. The magic Kali Voodoo Doll did what it was commanded to do. She ran off one night and he couldn't find her. We kind of knew where she took her cheating habits. We found her in an abandoned parking lot with a guy, at night, with her pants off. You draw your own picture. She even tried to tell my brother she was not cheating. His mind is not dead. He knew then, her ugly secret's.  Toby

Jewel from Mechanicsville,Vermont  = My grandmother is gone but she told me about the effects of voodoo magic. I believe her teachings. I had no doubt that Erropa Voodoo Doll was for me. My man is back to his old self . ALL OF HIM!!! Jewel K****  

Clive from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina  =  Ooooo baby! That Jimae 'SEX' Voodoo doll.

Dominick from Teec Nos Pos, Arizona  =  I bought the Black Magic draw winning streak kit and hit the Arizona lotto. I am sending you a donation, A.S.A.P. Dominick G*******

Lillyanna from Winnipeg, Canada  = Im the one who bought the order for all of my freinds including myself. I am sure you can remember that BIG order. Well, just an update, everyone's magic rituals happened as it was planned. We all thank you very much!!! We are going to be sending you another BIG order soon. Thank you, Lillyanna, Genna, Ursula, Richard, Valerie, Dayne, and William. 

Alexander from Raleigh, North Carolina  =  Hi. Close to home. Thank you for being swift on my order. The wishes I bought you and Wish Master McSweet came true. That is amazing. A donation is enclosed with this gift. I hope you like it Alexander and my wife Sheila D****  

Oliver from Mexico Beach, Florida  = Thanks, my ritual worked. Twyla "Money" Voodoo Doll Kit. Oliver C***** 

De'Shonda from New Orleans, Louisiana  =  Wow, I am so glad I ran across your www.themagicvine.com website. This was an amazing topic for me. The summer brings lots of fun into my life. I have gained a lot of weight after my baby was born. It wouldn't come off. I tried every diet pill out there. I purchased the Teagan voodoo ritual. I asked to loose 120 pounds and it came off within 3 weeks. TY, De'Shonda W*****

Jude from Rexburg, Idaho  =  My man would not let me paint our bedroom the color I wanted. I came accross your site and choose the Ebony "control" voodoo doll. I put my man under that spell and he don't care if our bedroom is solid pink. Thank you, Jude H**** 

Florance from Winnemucca, Navada  =   I bought the Ancient Wish Ritual. All three wishes came true for me. Thank You.

Shish from Purdy, Virginia  =  I bought the Egyptian Sand ritual and all my back pains are gone. Thank you so much!! Shish Q***

Xavior from Warsaw, North Dakota  =  Hi I'm Xavior L*****. I bought the White Magic Love potion kit. That was an amazing ritual. I got my love of my life back, and I owe it all to white magic and you who sells them. It is amazing because she would not even talk to me until I did this ritual. Guess what it only took 6 days for it to work. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love her with all my heart. Xavior L***** 

Darvin from Vilas, Kansas  =  Hi, I ordered the request a spell from the Holy Cheif and both of my request came true. I will be sending him a thank you card, will you please see that he gets it. Thank you.  

Gerald from Lake Swannanoa, New Jersey  = Hello to all. I bought the Court Case Mojo Bag and it worked like nothing else. I walked out with out a charge. It was worth the money to get out of that mess.

Ava from Idalou,Texas  =  I purchased the Zodiac Candle from you last month and already my wishes are coming true. I don't understand magic but I am glad that it works. Ava P*******

Skill from Keystone Hts, Florida  = It is a good deal when I bought the Extreme Wealth Spell, something for a small price and end up as rich as I did. Thank The Great Druid Wolliuka for everything. Skill E***** 

Jaxson from Prospect Valley, Colorado  =  I purchased the Spells done 4u Unblock Negative Forces then bought the Stop Divorce spell, It worked like a charm. My wife and I are getting along great. Thank you, Jaxson I*****

Yarland from Bancroft, South Dakota  = I bought the Keep the cops away spell and they don't come to my door anymore. I give huge parties and no laws.

Lance from Shipps Bend, Tennessee  =  Hello, I just want to thank you for helping me pick out the Genie Charm Vision Necklace. It has helped me out alot. I am able to tell what is going to happen. The other day I was driving down the road and was going fast, my vision is that I saw a dog infront of my car and I hit it and wrecked. After that I slowed down and sure enough a small white dog ran out into the road. If it wasn't for the Vision Necklace, there is no telling what would have happened to me.

Cortney from Lookeba, Oklahoma  = I didn't think magic was real. I needed help and fast. I chose request a spell from Holy Chief Lemkato, yes, every penny it was worth. My request came true. The Turquoise Rock is beautiful. Thank you, Cortney S******* 

Jollie from Flint, Michigan = Thanks to the Lust Mystic Potion Kit, this guy I wanted is mine now.                                                                            

Na'Skola from Igiugig, Alaska =  The Special Mojo Bag works just like you said it would. All my wishes have came true. I want to thank you and specially Verismo the Power God, who made it possible for me. Many blessings with your web site. Na'Skola N**************

Hailey from Gunnison, Utah  =  It's a wonderful day, thanks to ........ Im so shy, but the Intense Orgasm Sex Drive Spell works. There I said it. By.......    

Alliona from Nelsonville, Wisconsin  =  The Wolliuka Druid Man really showed his true colors when the performed the Passion Extreme Love spell for me. Thanks for it all.

Robbie from Spring Hope, North Carolina  =  You are very business like in what you do, unlike those other sites. Anyway I know you can't remember all of us who buy from you. I wanted to say thanks for you kindness and not pressuring me into buing anything untill I was ready. I am the one who purchased the Shimma 'WISHING' Voodoo Doll, they are so cool. Anyway, the doll has worked for me each and every time. Just wanted to let you know that. Robbie B******* 

Jesus from Chilili, New Mexico  = I thank you for making my dreams come true with the Zodiac Candle. Much Thanks

Fred from Export, Pennsylvania  = The Reunite Love Mystic Potion worked great for me. I have my sweet love back, after what I did to her she forgave me after I performed the spell.

Misty from Bolton, Kansas  = I got the Satanic Magic Handsome Man Image and how it works I can't explain but I like it. My fantisies came true.

Garl from Santa Cruz, California  = I am very pleased with the Genie Akhcmaii Qui'Akedilan for granting me my 5 wishes. Garl K*****

Buzz from Plato, Indiana  = Thank Holy Chief Lemkato for me.

Saijal from Waterbury, Nebraska  = Thank you for the fast shipment. The Weight Loss Genie Charm Necklace worked better than anything I have ever tried. Thank you so very much.

Heather from Mountainburg, Arkansas  =  Hello. I would like to say that the Gray Magic is very amazing. This is very interesting ritual. I got the results I was looking for. I know what I must do now.

Ray from Loxley, Alabama  =  I purchased the U Turn Gambling Necklace and I won all my money back that I lost a few weeks ago. Thank You very much for selling these items!! 

Azem from Deedsville, Indiana  = I purchased the Hawaiian Tiki ritual and that is truly amazing. My bad dreams are gone. Thanks.

Wylla from Carson City, Nevada = Hi, I am surprised that the rituals really worked for me. I want to thank you in all of your help. I have purchased the Strong Hair Drink a Potion kit and my hair is beautiful and managable. I can't thank you enough. Wylla P*****

C, from Folsom, Louisiana = I paid for the Satanic Magic that is offered on your website and I asked for the Bank mess up ritual. All I can say is Thank you and Nigel. It does work!!!!

Baron from Haskell, Texas = Thank the magic world for The Wish Rocks that you sell. I also bought the Satanic Magic Money Maker, it is an A+.  

Victor from De Kalb, Illinois =  I have has great success with the Hawaiian Attract the Opposite Sex Tiki Head Ritual. I can't believe that it really workes.

Desirae from Yorkville, Tennessee = Hello, it's me again. I want to thank the Genie for making all my dreams come true. This is an amazing ritual to do.

Sasha from Sedona, Arizona = I like the drink a potion big breast ritual. I now have the desired size that I have always wanted.

Nickolas from Ocean Pines, Maryland = Satanic Magic Rules!!!  The Sexy Women Image need I say more. To all the guys out there this is a must!!!!

Angie from Ware, Massachusetts =  I bought the Sleep Time Traveler, Spells Done 4 U, I found out about my past life and I now know of a fear I have.Today, I have a fear of water and in my past life I drowned in the ocean. I was 17 in my past life when this tragedy happened. My past life name was Joyce. In my past life I lived somewhere in Argentina. It still is a little fuzzy but I remember the dream vivid. I am glad that you sell this ritual, I know things. I can better myself because of it. I have friends that want to use this service that you provide. Thank you and The Great Druid Wolliuka. Angie I***** 

Moi from Gravel Hill, Delaware = Thank you for the Knowledge Genie Charm Necklace. I know things belife.

Miguel from Spring Branch, Texas  = I know that your site is for real now, because I have seen results here and their slowly happening. The Control Tiki I activated it: I used it yesterday to wake up my little brother by just a whisper. He woke up frightened wanting to know how I woke him up. It only took one try this time to wake him up. He said that he heard my voice in his head. Normally you have to yell at him several times to wake him up.

Thelma from Blue Grass, Virginia = I chose Mother Zakira to do some root work for me and everything went right just like I wanted it to. I want to thank you for being kind to answer all of my questions. Thelma

Kotton from ******, ** = I picked the winning lottery numbers with the Dark Magic Doll. Thanks A Millions.

Jeffery from Lusk, Tennessee = I have used a few of the Magical Remedies and it truly has been a blessing for me. I can't thank you enough. Jeffery S******

Tina from Chebanse, Illinois = I purchased the, In love with me Satanic Magic Ritual and it worked wonders within 4 hours. Thank you very much.

Abe from King City, California, I purchased the Swap Bodies and Souls Drink A Potion and it was an experience that I will never forget. I am going to order a few more to keep on hand incase you retire it. What a great web site you have.Thanks A lot, and may your magic rituals sky rocket!!! Abe D****